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SarahSarah Farrugia of Hervey Bay, Quesnsland says: “They have really helped me a lot. This will be our second order, and just from the first order of living fuel, along with a bit more sunshine and exercise and positive thinking, I have gone from Severe Depression, to bordering on no depression to slight depression. (On the depression scale I was given 0-20+, I was 22, I’m now down to 7!)

[Testimonial used with permission]

Most Popular Living Fuel Products in Australia & New Zealand

Living Fuel Greens

LivingFuel SuperGreens
By far our most popular product in the Living Fuel lineup. SuperGreens has the well deserved reputation for being the best in the world. Once you see the ingredients you will see why.

LivingFuel Superberry

LivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate
This is our top-of-the-line product with an awesome taste that all members of the family will love. You won’t believe what’s inside this container.

Super Essentials aminos

Super Essentials Aminos
Made famous by YouTube sensation Elliott Hulse, our Aminos supplement is now one of our most popular LivingFuel supplements in Australia – find out why.

Super Essentials omegas

Super Essentials Omegas
There are plenty of fish oil supplements out there! So why is this so different and taking the supplements world by storm?