CocoChia Bars

Cocochia BarsCocoChia bars Sustained Energy Bar

A high-energy  healthy fats snack fuel with clean, all-natural, organic ingredients.

Our loose CocoChia bars was so well received, our customers started asking for it in a more convenient form. And we responded . . . with the Living Fuel CocoChia® Snack Bar! Unlike most of today’s so-called energy bars that offer little real nutrition and are high in sugar, the CocoChia Snack Bar delivers three powerful superfoods (coconut , chia seeds and almond) and more in a low-glycemic, clean, food bar.

    •   Organic Ingredients
    • Non Dairy
    • Raw Food Bar
    • Rich in Phyto-Nutrients
    • Gluten-Free
    • High in Fiber
    • Low-Glycemic
    • Low-Calorie
    • Contains Essential Fats
    • No Trans Fats

The Original CocoChia® Snack Bar is made of only clean, raw, all natural ingredients… Every ingredient contains health-promoting properties . All good and nothing bad!

LivingFuel CocoChia Bars Do Not Contain: Gluten, Soy or Milk

Serving Size: 1 Bar (48g)

Serving Per Container: 12

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