About Livingfuel

The founder of Living Fuel KC Craichy created LivingFuel as a result of addressing health challenges faced by his wife Monica. Monica’s experiences of anxiety, fear, panic and depression, and the futility of conventional medical approaches inspired KC to find an answer.

Understanding the health and healing benefits of optimal nutrition, KC began to search for the ‘perfect’ nutritional product or food. The problem was, he could not find that product – it did not exist. With Monica’s encouragement, KC committed himself to developing such a product. In collaboration with some leading nutritional experts, KC developed what is now LivingFuel SuperGreens. Through the formulation, KC ensured every ingredient was the highest quality available, regardless of cost.

KC serves as the Founder & CEO of Living Fuel and continues to collaborate with leading nutrition and natural health practitioners around the world. KC is a member of the Clinical Nutrition Review Board and also serves as a Nutritional Advisor for the Titleist Performance Institute.

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About Livingfuel Downunder

LivingFuel Downunder is the sole distributor for LivingFuel products in Australia and New Zealand.

And we have the expertise to back it up. LivingFuel products are now available to you in Australia and New Zealand, meaning quick delivery and reliable back up service.

The director of Livingfuel Downunder is Paul McPhail. He is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. He was granted the Australasian distributorship for LivingFuel back in 2011, but had been a user of the LivingFuel products for years before this.

Paul McPhail

“I know that after one smoothie I am set, knowing that I have already met all my daily nutritional needs. I still use Living Fuel products every day so can offer plenty of advice to anyone interested in learning about the products”