Elliott Hulse and LivingFuel

Elliott Hulse and Living Fuel

Elliott Hulse hosts a super popular Youtube Channel called Strength Camp with thousands of followers. In several of his videos he raves about Living Greens and Living Fuel products. Below is one of those videos explaining how he users Livingfuel products in his “Micro-Fast diet”. He also posted about LivingFuel Super Greens on his Facebook Page.

Elliot Hulse says: “I’ve been blogging and creating videos about building strength, increasing vitality and about how to become the strongest version of yourself since 2006. The goal of this site is simple, it is to share powerful ideas that help us all to become stronger in every way possible. Building strength goes far beyond lifting heavy weights and growing muscle, although I am a Profession Strongman and love that stuff too. Its about having more vitality, rugged health, a strong sex drive, better relationships, more abundance, and of course an awesome attractive body!”

Elliot also contributed to the Livingfuel insightful series Strong in Body, Mind and Spirit.  He explained that whether you can lift 240 pounds across the gym, or all 24 pounds of your toddler across the living room, Living Fuel’s unique Functional Superfoods are for you!  Our life-changing products are used by thousands of people every day of all ages in all walks of life.  What we all have in common is the “strong” desire for vitality, energy and Super Health!

In that series he tells Living Fuel Founder and LivingFuelTV host KC Craichy how he incorporates LivingFuel products, (including LivingFuel SuperEssentials Aminos and Living Fuel’s new InSportRecovery) into his and his family’s lifestyle.  He also shares the impact LivingFuel has made in the lives of his family, his clients and himself.  Click on the graphic below to watch.