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Getting startedChange Your Breakfast, Change Your Life

For many people, breakfast is where the biggest nutritional mistakes are made. To start your day with an awesome nutritional foundation, prepare a LivingFuel Super Smoothie. Simply add one scoop of SuperGreens or SuperBerry to your favourite smoothie ingredients into a blender, and enjoy.

Try favourite ‘mix-ins’ such as purified water, organic juice, almond or rice milk and frozen fruit. It is a great way to start your day with a blast of super nutrition. Click Here for delicious super smoothie recipes. After a week or two, you may increase to two scoops of LivingFuel. Your “super smoothie” will then serve as a complete meal replacement and you shouldn’t be hungry until your next scheduled meal. The reason your hunger will be satisfied is you are enjoying meals with maximum nutritional value. Because of the nutritional quality of LivingFuel, you won’t need to take any additional multi-vitamin or mineral supplement. LivingFuel is truly “Everything Your Body Needs!”

Change your life in 7 days and kick start your weight loss.

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