The Truth About Cancer – Episode 7

The Truth About Cancer – Episode 7 Excerpt featuring LivingFuel founder KC Craichy.Author and Documentary Maker Ty Bollinger recently featured LivingFuel founder KC Craichy and his wife Monica in Episode 7 of “The Truth about Cancer. Here is an excerpt from that episode.


Summary of everything contained in the full Episode 7:
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Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods

2 minute mark: Dr. Raymond Hilu, MD (Runs the Hilu Institute- southern Spain, Madrid, Barcelona.) Discusses how he analyzes blood to catch cancer formation before it is large enough to be detected as a tumor.

5:50 minute mark: Discusses Budwig protocol– Mixes cottage cheese and flaxseed oil (he says the amount of cottage cheese is not important but I have been taught a very specific amount- I’m not sure I agree with his casual approach! Hmm.) Discusses Budwig’s work being based on Dr. Otto Warburg’s work that cancer cells will not grow in an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Neat facts on flaxseed oil in paint- making it dry quicker because it draws the oxygen in quicker.

Flaxseed mixed well with cottage cheese will bind together (flaxseed oil binds to a sulfuric protein.)

9 minute mark: Dr. Felecity Corbin Wheeler- (holistic pancreatic cancer survivor)- tells a story of how her family was affected by cancer due to pesticide runoff on their farm. Daughter died of cancer, son had cancer too. She was diagnosed with cancer in the head of her pancreas. She was prayed over at her church and referenced Genesis 1:29-30 which tells us how to eat. Nurse tells her about B-17. Discusses Professor John Beard’s work 100 years ago.

Dr. Hilu: Electrical/ magnetic pull from the earth: Importance of Grounding or “earthing” by walking or laying on the earth, touching the ground.

17 minute mark: Dr. Hilu brings up the point that cancer HAS TO BE approached from ALL ANGLES. He made the observation from treating thousands of patients that correcting the immune system alone is not enough. Diet is not enough. Healing emotionally is not enough on its own. (This is so important! You have to be 1,000% dedicated and do EVERYTHING you can when healing naturally!)

24 minute mark: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies- Dr. Jolly-Gabriel PhD, Dr. David Jockers DC. Cancer cells are hypoxic cells= low oxygen environment. Reduces angiogenesis!!! Pumping the body with more oxygen shuts down producing BCGF and reduces blood supply to cancer and more vulnerable to the immune system! (So cool to review all of this! Budwig protocol does this as well!)

28 minute mark: A beautiful cross section of DNA!!! (You have to see this- it is absolutely moving! God makes beautiful things!)

30 minute mark: Dr. Mercola: “We were designed to be exposed to the sun!” Discusses Vitamin D in healing from cancer and staying well.

35-36 minute mark: Dr. Jockers and others talks about wheatgrass at my favorite Atlanta healthy/ organic restaurant, “R.Thomas.”.

38 minute mark: “Living Fuel Super Greens” KC and Monica Craichy- used to treat Monica’s depression, anxiety and panic attacks after medication made her worse.

42 minute mark: Researcher Marcus Freudenmann, Dr. Howard Fischer talks about why some holistic cancer clinics are more effective than others. (I found this VERY interesting!) Dr. Howard Fischer talks about specific healing water and WHY it helps heal.

46 minute mark: Dr. Igor Smirnov: Doctor who worked on radiation patients after Chernobyl fallout. Studied healing water’s effect on patients and the structure of the water. Created the technology to recreate this healing water “activated water” (took him 10 years.)

Lots of different experts talk about water’s healing effects…conversion of free radicals to water molecules (hydrogen enriched water.) Molecular hydrogen. (Eco-devices)

48 minute mark: PEMF- Talks of electrical health in the body…and electric treatment.

“Dirty Electricity”- EMF’s, cell phone towers, radiation, how to reduce cell radiation on your phone.

59 minute mark: Dr. Ivan Smirnov discusses technology he created to reduce cell phone radiation exposure (Ty uses this for his phone.) Science explained. Will need to watch for info…lots!

01:02 minute mark: Cancer survivor story- Rob and Sue Olifent (Rob’s parents both died from conventional cancer treatment.) Rob went into holistic cancer research and wife, Sue thought he was NUTS and was not on board. Two years later (2011,) Sue was diagnosed with terminal liver and pancreatic cancer. “We threw everything into what I learned,” says Rob. He explains their protocol- they did it TOGETHER even though he didn’t have cancer. (He FOUGHT for her and ENCOURAGED her– so KEY when you are healing naturally that your partner is on board!)

01:13 minute mark: Dr. Blaylock and others say to ask your oncologist: “What are the chances this will cure me?” and other questions to ask your oncologist….

01:18 minute mark: Pam Pinney- amazing holistic survivor breast cancer story (she talks about the push back of friends and family to her decision.) She meets with a panel of other survivors and they talk about their experiences with their oncologists and what YOU need to ask your oncologist/ speaking to them boldly.)

01:21 minute mark: Dr. V talks about OUR POWER TO HEAL- (no doctor can tell us our future!) “YES- there is a cure, and YES- you can prevent !