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Super Greens goes Gluten Free!

In response to customer requests, we are proud to announce our flagship and most popular product, LivingFuel SuperGreens (along with Super Berry Ultimate), is now gluten-free. We made other improvements including the addition of even more certified organic ingredients. That means the World’s Most Nutritious Meal is even better for you. This is tremendous news for

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LivingProtein Chocolate Super Pudding

Call it chocolate pudding or the more upscale chocolate mousse, we call it delicious! Chocolate pudding is a taste treat, however, traditional pudding is often devoid of nutrition with ingredient lists chock-full of sugar, sugar variations, and conventional dairy. Instead, try LivingFuel LivingProtein®Chocolate SuperFood Pudding featuring the one-of-a-kind plant protein/fiber blend LivingProtein, organic cocoa powder with

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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life with a Breakfast Smoothie For many people, breakfast is where the biggest nutritional mistakes are made. To start your day with an awesome nutritional foundation, prepare a Living Fuel Super Breakfast Smoothie. Simply add one scoop of SuperGreens or SuperBerry to your favourite smoothie ingredients into a blender, and enjoy. Try favorite ‘mix-ins’ such

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