The Products

Science has identified more than 50 essential nutrients needed by the human body to perform at optimal levels. The body cannot produce any of these nutrients on its own, thus they must be obtained from food sources and dietary supplementation.

In order to get all of the required nutrition from your diet, you would have to eat only the freshest organic foods, a dozen or more daily servings of vegetables (mostly greens and bright colored vegetables), fruits and whole foods along with clean, naturally raised protein sources in addition to taking high-quality dietary supplements.

Since it is virtually impossible to get all of the required nutrition from food, the key to getting everything your body needs is to combine the most powerful superfoods with the most bioavailable forms of all essential nutrients. The result is you get every nutrient we know about plus many nutrients contained in foods that we do not yet even know about. We call this Superfood Nutrition, which is the basis for Living Fuel’s line of optimised Superfood nutrition products.

LivingFuel is The Leader in Superfood Nutrition for a reason! We will not make any product until we are convinced it is the best of its kind, in terms of purity, potency, quality and innovation.

LivingFuel products are used and recommended by leading health experts, elite world-class athletes and major professional sports teams as well as pregnant moms, newborns, children, and the elderly – everyone from the super healthy to the health challenged.

We have a continuous “Dare to Compare Challenge” to any company to compare their products with LivingFuel products and thus far no company has ever accepted our challenge.

We invite you to experience our unprecedented products and customer service from our staff of passionate and committed LivingFuel users.

If you want to restore your vitality, enhance your energy, maximize your performance and optimize your health, LivingFuel is your answer.