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Windows Printer Drivers

Download the drivers and install them so you can PostScript files and send them directly to us using the Film Application Form.


  1. Download the files above, and extract the zipped PPD file to somewhere safe.
  2. Run the PostScript Diver installation.
  3. When asked the following questions choose:

    How is your Printer connected to your computer:
    For Port Select: FILE

    Select the Model of your Printer:

    Select BROWSE and find the Panther Plus PPD you downloaded above.

    Follow your way through the rest of the installation - all straight forward.

Once installed, go to the Printer Properties and set the Resolution to 2400 X 2400 dpi, and any other setting you anticipate using regularly, such as page size and screen ruling.

The Adobe Universal PostScript Windows Driver Installer installs the latest version of the AdobePostScript (AdobePS) driver for each supported Microsoft Windows platform:

  • AdobePS 4.5.3: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Millennium Edition
  • AdobePS 5.2.2: Windows NT 4.0
  • PScript 5: Windows 2000 or Windows XP


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All major applications are supported including:

• InDesign CS3
• Illustrator CS3
• Photoshop CS3
• PageMaker 7
• Freehand MX
• CorelDraw 12
• Publisher 2002


• InDesign CS2
• Illustrator CS2
• Photoshop CS2
• Quark Xpress 4.1
• Freehand MX
• PageMaker 7
• CorelDraw 11


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