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Computer to Plate (CTP)
Paul M Ltd was the first South Auckland Pre-press house to install a high-end Computer to Plate (CTP) machine. Our Cobalt 4 CTP provides trade clients with an independent source of CTP plates. Maximum plate size is 615 x 745.

Perfect Registration
Cobalt's vacuum-soned drum and micro-tuned registration technology holds each plate securely, ensuring perfect registration.

Perfect Halftones
Cobalt's patented violet laser diode replaces complex optics with one optical fiber, delivering unsurpassed image quality and perfect halftones to each plate.

Fast & Efficient
The PDF production workflow allows files to be interpreted once with multiple output, including: trapping, imposition, digital proof, and CTP plates. The quality of plates is such that press make-ready time can be substantially reduced, with consequential saving of time and cost for the end-user.

Accurate Colour
The Cobalt 4 unit comes complete with the most accurate colour matching system available. The separated files are re-combined and sent to the inkjet printer, so you see exactly what you will get on your plates. You get a proof with accurate colours for your clients to approve. The system includes in-rip trapping (used by request) and specialist imposition software.

Learn more about the CTP benefits here.

CTP Specs and Submission form here

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